Dec 2016 Market Overview


UK – UK cattle prices remained flat throughout November and is estimated that there will be little change throughout December. It has been predicted that the usual downward dip we see in January will not happen with the growing demand for export helping to keep the market buoyant. However, it will be important to remember that is the consumer demand for beef id not as robust as normal then there will be a lot of surplus material available in the New Year. Christmas is very much at the for front of everyone’s mind and the processors very much active in the market to cover the festive forecasts they are doing so with an element of caution as there is still a lot of uncertainty surround what the market may do.


Mercosur – Global Exports during October were at their lowest since January showing signs that market  conditions have within the UK and EU have become less appealing to the South Americans

Europe - Is currently regarded as the cheapest place to buy meat at the moment. The reduced availability coming from South America has meant that more peoples are looking to import from the continent.


UK lamb prices continued to fall in the first 3 weeks of November but have shown signs of strengthening during the last week. The recent drop in prices is said to be down to lower demand and the recent strengthening of the pound. Slaughter number have also decreased by 12% compared to the same time last year. This could be down to the fact that producers have not been promoting their product due to the falling prices

Pork & Bacon

UK pig prices once again rose throughout November to the highest level since 2014 (£0.24 higher than 
this time last year). Slaughter numbers have remained unchanged which and also mirror the same levels as last year. The weakness of the pound continues to fuel the demand for export which when coupled with tight supply has enabled producers to remain bullish. 

EU bacon backs remained unchanged as did legs however Gammon sales were very strong as December approaches. Bellys continue to cause problems as availability and prices continue to move in opposite directions.


EU poultry prices have softened for December due to the slight strengthening of the pound throughout
November. Availability remains unchanged..

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